January :Garnet

Garnet symbolizes truth and fidelity. It brings prosperity and encourages moving forward.

February : Amethyst
Amethyst helps reduce stress and encourages concentration. It is a symbol of temperance and humanity. In the Celtic culture, it was used by druids. It was also used in Christian, Jewish and Buddhist religions for its association to piety.

March: Aquamarine
Stone of the seamen, the aquamarine represents fidelity between young lovers and guarantees a happy marriage. It also brings calm, serenity and wisdom.

April : Diamond
Diamond is the most desired of all precious stone. Associated with endless love In Greco-Roman mythology, it was said that Cupid’s arrows were made of it. It is a symbol of perfection and brings strength and wisdom.

May : Emerald
Cleopatra’s favorite stone, it is said that the person who wears it has the power of beauty and endless youth. It symbolizes hope, new beginnings and helps to distinguish the truth.

June : Pearl
Formerly called Aphrodite’s tears, pearls are the emblem of love and marriage. They also represent purity and elegance.

July: Ruby
Ruby, stone of fire, is associated with passion, seduction and love. Worn, it brings courage and loyalty. It is commonly offered as an engagement ring in order to keep the couple’s passion alive.

August : Peridot
Symbol of protection, peridot chases away love pain and the evil eye. It has the power of giving hope thanks to its delicate green colour.

September : Sapphire
Often associated with fidelity, it is a well-loved choice for engagement rings. It also symbolises purity, wisdom and immortality. Sapphire favors devotion and contemplation, brings happiness, protects from envy and attracts divine mercy.

October : Pink Tourmaline
It is said that pink tourmaline has the power to get the power of unconditional love and sincere friendship. It is also known to be the stone of artists, since it brings imagination and creativity.

November : Citrine
Citrine is considered to be the stone of success and excellency. It is also a symbol of joy and brings good humour to those who wear it.

December: Tanzanite
A stimulating stone, tanzanite brings creativity and intuition. It especially stimulates literary talent and humor.

The different shapes of stones

The different colours

Blue stones
(Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Blue Diamond, Sapphire, Topaz, Lapis Lazuli, Zircon, Turquoise)
Blue is the colour of the sea and the sky. It symbolizes peace, serenity and sensibility.

Red stones
(Garnet, Red Spinel, Red Diamond, Ruby)
Colour of fire, the colour red symbolizes passion, energy, strength and, most of all, love.

Yellow stones
(Amber, Yellow Topaz, Jonquil Diamond, Citrin, Yellow Sapphire)
Yellow is a luminous and vivid colour, it is a symbol of happiness. It represents the spirit, intelligence and sweetness.

Green stones
(Emerald, Green Diamond, Green Sapphire, Jade, Green Tourmaline, Peridot, Garnet)
Symbol of nature, the colour green represents life and its cycle. It’s a peaceful colour which carries hope. It incarnates balance, youth and serenity.

Orange stones
(Fire opal, Hessonite Garnet, Imperial Topaz, Mandarin Garnet, Orange sapphire)
Orange is the colour of friendliness & friendship. It symbolizes boldness and loyalty.

Purple stones
(Amethyst, Purple Sapphire, Purple Spinel)
Purple symbolizes wisdom and mystery. It is a subtle colour which symbolizes romanticism and idealism. It is said that it attracts dreams. Usually, in occidental and oriental religions, the colour purple symbolizes celibacy and purity.

Pink stones
(Pink Tourmaline, Pink Sapphire, Pink Topaz, Pink Spinel, Pink Quartz, Kunzite)
The colour pink is linked to the emotional sphere and feelings. It incarnates tenderness, innocence and sweetness.

White and transparent stones
(Diamond, White Quartz, White Sapphire, White Topaz, Zircon, Pearl)
Mixture of all rainbow colours, white represents purity and knowledge. It is also associated with peace.

Black stones
(Black Diamond, Onyx, Black Spinel, Black Tourmaline)
The colour black is associated with protection since it absorbs negative energies. It is linked to seriousness and solemn events.

Multi-coloured stones
(Ametrine, Multi-coloured Tourmaline, Opal, Alexandrite, Mother-of-Pearl, Pearl)
Stones which have several colours are joyful and symbolize emotions and life.